A stealth new app created by Fintros AI is launching in September 2021. In less than 180 days, our app has attracted 150,000 jobs across 500+ companies. By 2023, our company will power the talent attraction for over 25,000+ companies across over 10M+ jobs.

    We have an unfair advantage as our patent-pending document anonymization technology is on pace to solve one of the world's most important crises, human equality. We've built the "Robinhood of career discovery" and it's "5x better than anything currently in the market" (quotes from a Fortune 1000 client and a Tier 1 Asset Manager).


    Join a team of creatives that have dedicated their careers to fundamentally create a new category of career discovery.

    Our engineering stack is pretty world-class. We have a well-documented micro-architecture service written in either Python (Flask) or Rails API using GraphQL. Our front-end consumes the GQL endpoints with Apollo Client, React Hooks, Functional Components, styled components, and our own custom UI-web kit. Our AWS Lake Formation data team currently enriching over 28.6M entity types (including over 6 million companies).


    • 1+ years of experience in React, ideally React Native
    • Work experience or hobby experience with React Hooks
    • Innately curious with a desire to learn and teach, and an excellent command of engineering fundamentals
    • Innately curious to build apps used by users that love your app

    Our Stack at Fintros

    • Front-End: NextJS, Typescript, Apollo GQL, React with Hooks (v16.10), Styled Components, ES Lint, Prettier (testing: Jest)
    • Back-End: GraphQL (Ruby), Rails API (testing: rSpec)
    • ML: Python, Flask
    • Documentation: GraphQL Playground, Postman, Github
    • DevOps: AWS, Heroku, Vercel (we love Vercel!!!!) and Digital Ocean (we love DO!!!!)
    • Design: Sketch, Figma, Adobe Suite

    Apply to join a team of senior developers that take pride in shipping pixel-perfect, clean code!